Bay Area Bias
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About Us

We’re probably a little bit like you.

We decline satellite radio because we know we have KNBR for free, we were the answer to how Acme Chop House stayed in business for so long, we shutter at everything Stewart Scott says, we could care this much about the Patriots or Red Sox, we know not to get into a car accident with a truck sporting a Raiders sticker, we haven’t been to a Warriors game but hear the atmosphere kicks ass (actually a few of our contributors frequent the Oracle), we long for the 80’s when Ronnie Lott wasn’t running an East Bay car dealership, we were in the middle of King Street on November 1, 2010, we draft Cal and Stanford players in the NFL four rounds too high for our fantasy football teams, we named our family dog “Nolan” after Owen Nolan, and we know Sleeptrain is our ticket to a better night’s sleep.

Together, we form a long overdue Bay Area Bias that no one outside of Northern California is to likely care about, so you won’t find us forcing our take of Northeast-based, er, Bay Area sports on the rest of the country. Isn’t that nice of us?

But if the sporting life in the Bay Area is what you crave, and you can’t get enough nectar, this is your spot…