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‘Tis the Season, Bay Area Sports


‘Tis the season of giving, joy, and good cheer,

A time for remembering what’s happened this year.

The Giants so mighty, like every other season,

Managed to make us don’t stop believin’.

Mad bums patrol the streets, MadBum the mound

And Panda gave us good swings, before he left town.

Next year will be weak, but the players will try,

While yuppies and yippes scarf down garlic-fries.

So rejoice at this time of reflecting ‘n jubilation

‘til 2016!!! and the next October celebration!


The Niners did move, to the south all a flurry,

Suddenly team chemistry began to get blurry.

Accusations abound, from South Beach to Silver Creek,

Every player knowing better than to the media speak.

So drama fo’ yo’ mama; a pile of coal for the masses,

The Santa Clara Forty Niners fell flat on their asses.

While we can’t wait to visit Levi Stadium

When I root for this team, I can’t help but feel dumb.

The QB got a contract that makes him the Man,

So far he’s been nothing more than a flash in the pan.

Lame duck of coach, a felonious D

What’s in the future that Trent Baalke sees?


But cringe all you want, you fans of eSsss eFfffe

You don’t know suffering like Oaktown’s best.

The ghost of Al still haunts the Silver & Black,

Though a franchise QB, they no longer lack.

Say what you want of their signings and past,

They finally found a player, who might actually last.

You may all remember the last player like that,

For he’s back on the field… looking a little flat.

But enjoy this farewell to Mr. Woodson,

His Hall of Fame career soon will be done.


And on that same field, is another ordeal

Laden with disappointment and no sex appeal.

Billy Beane did gamble and Billy Beane to lose

Knowing what to criticize is hard to choose

But this is a season in which to be merry,

So on this subject, we shall no longer tarry.


So grim and so sad, this part of the story,

San Jose failed once again to achieve hockey glory.

The Tank was a rockin, the ice was so cold

Who loses on home rink? oh to be so bold.

Olympic medals are great, down from Canada, eh?

Still Lord Stanly’s Cup has yet to tour the Bay.


Get up all you children and come gather around

‘Cuz more things are changing, in that sleepy South Bay town.

Soon we’ll be a shakin’, an Earthquake comes this way

Lew Wolff brought at least one stadium down to San Jose.

Futbol is grand and about to make a splash

Yes, the same team that used to be the Clash.

So grab your friends, come down Coleman to see

Football played right & a guy named Wondolowski.


To set your mind right before your goodnight

Think back to last spring and the Warrior fight

‘gainst the mighty Spurs in round two

When Steph did all, any one man could do

The team, it gave hope to a fanbase so weary

So its not hard to imagine that you might be leary

When I doth proclaim in good faith and good cheer

That this finally is THE WARRIORS YEAR!!!


So as we looked back on these seasons of sports,

I hope I haven’t pushed you too outta sorts.

There are reasons for cheer and reasons for hope

There are reasons to moan and reasons to mope.

But in the end, we can all give thanks

Even if, our favorite team tanks,

Just look around at water and hills

When you live in the Bay, there’s plenty of thrills.


Happy Holidays Sports Fans