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Why Aren’t You Going to More Quakes Games?

Quakes Celebrating a Goal

The San Jose Earthquakes are the best team in MLS this season and the Bay Area has hardly noticed. The two-time golden boot winner and local Bay Area boy, Chris Wondolowski, is at it again this season while on pace to break the record for most goals in a season. The team scores the most goals in the league and takes more shots on goal than anyone in the league. Their new midfielders, Salinas and Chavez, use their speed down the wings to feed the ball into the middle making the game exciting and very fast-paced. The Quakes play in the smallest venue in all of MLS meaning you get closer to the action than you would elsewhere. The players even come over to high five and thank that fans after games. So why is most of the Bay Area not paying attention to what is happening in Santa Clara?

I am tired of hearing the same old excuse of not going to soccer games because they are boring and no one wants to go to a 0-0 tie. There has been one 0-0 tie for the Quakes and it came on the road a few weeks ago against FC Dallas (whom they just beat 2-1 this week). Leading scorer, Chris Wondolowski, has scored more goals than Chivas USA, the same as the Columbus Crew and one behind the Portland Timbers. Think about that for a second and let that sink in – more goals by one player than a few teams in the league. Wondo is on pace to break the record of goals scored of 27 set by Roy Lassiter in the very first season of MLS in 1996. This season is one that will go down as the best in Quakes history and you can all be witnesses.

The San Jose Earthquakes also changed the look of their team from last season by adding more speed in their midfield and it is working wonders for their offense. Instead of playing longball to Lenhart up the middle, they have been burning defenders on the wings and getting dangerous crosses in the box where one of many attackers finish them off. This makes the games a lot more interesting as the speed of the game keeps fans and opponents on their feet. Being super close to the action also keeps fans interested and engaged.

The San Jose Earthquakes play at Buck Shaw Stadium at Santa Clara University and it holds 10,525 people. With a stadium that is that small, fans are extremely close to the field and the players, which make a great atmosphere. The 1906 Ultras also cheer the entire game getting the crowd into it with a few of their chants (although not all of them are kid friendly). And after the games, the players will come over to the fans and thank them, usually high fiving them and sometimes throwing their jerseys into the stands. You don’t see that happen in most of the other Bay Area sports….

Speaking of other Bay Area sports, why watch “torture” games when you can see the best team in a league play for probably half the price? Why travel to the East Bay and go to one of the crappiest parks in all of baseball where parking costs more than the ticket? Instead, come see the hottest and best team in all of MLS score goals that uses one of the best 80’s movie tag line, “Goonies never say die”, and make it down to Santa Clara University to witness history being made. You won;t be sorry you did and you will have a new appreciation for American soccer.